Formula 1

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Formula 1

Formula 1 is also known as F1 or Formula One, but the official name is ‘FIA Formula One World Championship’. The Championship is world-renowned as the top tier of single-seat car racing. Since its inauguration in 1950, the FIA Formula One World Championship has served as the most important form of racing, although there were others in contention up until 1983.

Meaning behind the Name

For those who aren’t aware, the term ‘Formula’ is not just a cheeky name, but holds a wealth of importance. As a matter of fact, ‘Formula’ refers to the rules and regulations of the competition which all competitors and their cars must abide by. A normal Formula One season is made up of a long tableau of races knows as ‘Grand Prix’, which take place all over the world on public roads as well as on racing circuits.

The Grading System

A points system is used to evaluate the outcome of each race in order to decide two World Championships – one is for the drivers and the other for the car manufacturers. To be a racing driver, you must be mandated to hold a valid Super License, which is the highest FIA issued license. Also, the races must be held on Grade One tracks, which also happen to be the highest grading which the FIA can award to a track.

The Well-Known Grand Prix

Although the Formula 1 Championship is held on special purpose tracks in rural locations, there are still some events that take place in major cities around the world. Some of them are:

  • United States Grand Prix
  • British Grand Prix
  • Monaco Grand Prix

The highest number of Grand Prix to have taken place since the inception of the tournament in 1950 was 21, and that was in 2016.


The cars used in the championship are not average, everyday cars, but the fastest road-racing autos found in the world. These cars need to be fast, as well aerodynamically designed around the nature of the courses. The cars can race up to speeds of approximately 375km/h. Due to the high demand for quality cars; it is no surprise to find that automotive manufacturers such as Mercedes, Toyota, Nissan etc. play an active part.